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IP Geolocation - GeoIP

An IP Address allows packets of information to be delivered to a specific machine on the network, but it does not indicate where in the physical world that machine is actually located. Since machines can move from one location to another without changing their IP address, this may not even be a meaningful question - but various methods exist to give an approximate indication of the geographical location associated with an IP address.

This geolocation information can be useful for a number of purposes. For example: a shopping website might need to know the location of its customers so as to present particular products, or use a particular currency. Informational websites might be initially presented in a language dependent on the location of the customer.

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How does Geolocation work?

There are a number of techniques that can be used to match an IP address with a physical location. The ARIN 'WhoIs' database contains information on the registered location of the owner of an IP address, which may give a clue as to the position of the machine itself. Reverse DNS queries can indicate which hostnames are associated with an IP address, which again might help locate the machine - particularly if the hostname includes a country-specific qualifier (such as But probably the most reliable technique is to use one of a number of databases that are available, linking IP addresses with locations and various additional information.

Geolocation database services

Some commercial geolocation services include:
IPligence IP Geolocation Database Solutions
GeoIP2 Javascript API from MaxMind
IP2Location Geo IP Solution